Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Long time no see.  Without going into detail, I have been sidelined by a couple of things and it should be very therapeutic for me to get back into talking to myself.  If any of you lovely people are still  checking in, thanks for your faith. 
  • Andy is a senior in high school and still supremely confident in spite of life's little setbacks.
  • He is not  quite on pace to graduate, due to some of life's little setbacks, but could certainly pull it off.
  • I ordered his graduation announcements and his cap and gown today, because I'm looking for him to pull it off.
  • He is thinking of enlisting in the Army after he graduates,
  • Which I mostly support.
  • His sister is in sixth grade and
  • Has a locker!
  • Which she can't actually open yet but I think she'll catch on eventually.
  • I have a new studio in a lovely art gallery close to home.
  • I have been making art in fits and starts and am determined not to let life's little setbacks completely block the productivity.

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