Monday, October 21, 2013

Over the Weekend

I'm supposed to write more.  I used to feel fabulously witty as I made my blog posts.
Plenty to catch up on.

  • We enrolled Rose at a new school this fall and wow.  What a difference.  She is really supported and is making friends.  She is gaining so much independence, too.  We are very glad we made the switch.
  • Andy did graduate from high school, not without drama, and went off almost immediately to boot camp.  Now he is stationed in Ft. Bliss, TX, in the Armored Division.  I don't really know what that involves, and he's not especially communicative, but he is proud to be in the Infantry and really proud he made it through boot camp.  We're proud of him too!
  • Book club has continued.  I've been going almost every single month for 12 years!  I remember that Rose was a baby when I started.  We are reading Tinkers by Paul Harding. 
  • I have an art show in December which means I need to hang out at the studio A LOT more and get a bunch of stuff framed.  
  • I am going to an instructional coaching conference next week.  It's in Lawrence, KS.  I'm hoping to learn a lot and improve my strategies!
  • Going to a mountain retreat with my friend Cindi this weekend.  I hope to make a photo album of this past year.

Over the weekend, I:

  • got a flu shot
  • raked leaves
  • went to a fall festival
  • bought Halloween stuff for Rose
  • developed some photographs
It was a very autumnal couple of days.

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Cyndi P said...

Welcome back. Look forward to your postings. Have a great weekend.