Saturday, December 25, 2010

I actually liked it

Did I mention butter and garlic?  So what's not to love?
Uh huh.  And pretty sure I mentioned anchovies.  Willing to go there, although the APPEARANCE at this point is off-putting, at best.

So then they add cream (?) and RAW CELERY (note, must not allow it to soften).
Seriously.  The person who conceived of this was down to the last 3 foodstuffs in the house, and desperate.

Jill. Her mom recounted a family reunion experiment: each family was to prepare their own version of bagna cauda, and all could enjoy. She described how in the end, each family was huddled around their own pot. It's one of those things, I guess, like the family chili recipe.
It tasted very... fishy.  Frankly, it was quite evocative of a visit to either coast.  Otherwise, I don't usually eat a lot of fish.  But I did like it.  Could be the wine, though.

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